Discover a collection of powerful tools and insightful quizzes designed to help you assess your organization’s innovation readiness, identify your startup stage, and evaluate your innovation capabilities. Lean Imapkt’s tools page offers a range of interactive resources and downloadable PDFs to support your journey towards success.

Featured Tools

Startup Stage Discovery Quiz

Determine your startup’s current stage and receive tailored recommendations for growth and development. This interactive quiz helps you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement based on your startup’s unique characteristics.

Innovation Readiness Tool

Assess your organization’s readiness for innovation with this comprehensive tool. By answering a series of questions, you’ll gain valuable insights into your company’s innovation capabilities and receive actionable recommendations for improvement.

How Innovative Is Your Organization?

Evaluate your organization’s innovation culture and practices with this interactive quiz. Discover your innovation strengths and weaknesses, and receive practical tips for fostering a more innovative environment within your team.

Additional Quizzes & Tools

Identify your leadership style and learn how to leverage your strengths for effective management.

Evaluate your team’s readiness to adopt design thinking principles and methodologies.

Determine your organization’s level of Agile maturity and receive guidance for further implementation.

Assess your company’s
preparedness for digital transformation and identify areas for improvement.