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Having a vision is the first key criteria for entrepreneurs to change the world. Visioning involves painting a compelling picture of the future and what is possible. Do you have a vision?
Sense-making is what enables us to give meaning to our collective experiences i.e., make sense of the ongoing complexity of the world. Do you have a sense-making capability to understand what’s going on in the world?
Do you have the relationships needed to move forward with your vision? Do you know who these people are? It's important to build trusting relationships among people and across networks.
You need to create the structures and processes needed to move toward your vision. Can you take where you are today (as-is state) and get to a future state that hasn’t existed before?
Successful entrepreneurs put a personal signature on what they are creating. The only way for an entrepreneur to get a period of exponential growth is to do something different in a market where you can be the leader during a time of fast growth.

Steps to success

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We work with clients in person, on the phone or via video. We’ve worked with impact-driven leaders from across North America, and EMEA (Middle East, Europe and Africa) who work in nonprofit and for-profit roles in the fields of education, finance, marketing & PR, human resources, high tech and consulting.


Lectures & speaking

Lean Impakt designs engaging, reflective and generative workshops for audiences at conferences, businesses and colleges. Our speaking engagement typically includes: a 30-minute pre-event strategy planning call with event organizers, a 60-90 minute interactive presentation and an optional breakout session or panel facilitation depending on the event.

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Lean Impakt Mastermind

Lean Impakt Mastermind is an 8-week program where a small group of impact-driven entrepreneurs get together to help challenge and support one another, enabling them to reach their full potential and strive to bring their startup vision to life.

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Workshops & trainings

Join Lean Impakt in series of workshops designed to help social entrepreneurs and impact-driven leaders start or pivot their initiatives. Get intensive, hands-on experience designed to help you build practical skills. We cut to the chase, give real world advice and then back it up with examples.  We'll give you the skills and tools to build your idea into something big.


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Coaching Packages


Best For:

This One-on-One ongoing coaching support is best for entrepreneurs who want help to keep going and are interested in the processes, strategies and tools to do so.

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Lean Mastermind​

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This is a group coaching for entrepreneurs who need info on ideation and some first-hand experience to get a sense of the process.

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Creative Dojo

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This 1:1 VIP package is best for Ready-to-Go entrepreneurs ready to get started and be immersed in the experience of being an entrepreneur.

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